Siru Lighting

Handcrafted tradition and design signature

Siru was born in 1988 in Lido di Venezia.

The company stands out in the world of lighting thanks to the technical and artistic experience of its founder Rudy Marinotto.

The high production flexibility and the ability to interpret the project are the peculiarities of the company because it creates models ranging from the standards present in the catalogs to those designed and commissioned by designers, and make Siru the ideal partner for design studios and for the custom market.

The craftsmanship and attention to detail are the basis of everyday life with which the company deals with projects and commissions, also of great design interest. The use and processing of raw materials is essential for the realization of high quality glass, which color comes from the addition of minerals to the melting of the sand.

The result are unique works where research expresses the identity of the tradition of Venice.

Light and glass, in an exclusive and imperfect alchemy.