One of the strengths of Siru, leading company in the creation of lamps of artistic value, consists of recovering techniques and craft traditions of the production of Murano glass and its reinterpretation, thanks to a marked tendency to experiment in the use and processing of the materials. An innate attitude, which leads the Venetian company beyond the simple production of artifacts, to become a true research laboratory in the field of applied arts, giving rise to exclusive creations. The key term that characterizes the culture of modern life is that of design, a word that indicates both the design phase and the final result of this process: the final product. A broad concept with special attention to the world of furniture, understood as a factor designed to personalize the interior space of the house and the experience of those who live there. From this concept, Siru presents its new collection of lamps, original solutions of blown glass in a structure composed of metal filaments that, thanks to the contribution of famous designers and international design studios, contemplates innovative lines and contemporary forms, highlighting a strong emotional impact. The ancient technique of glass blowing in the metal structure generates a conceptual reinterpretation, where the objects of design acquire new shapes and new profiles, with a view to a contemporary refinement. The new Siru design solutions are the result of the synthesis of the concepts of tradition and contemporary vision, which marks the first step in an evolutionary and ambitious path of a company that reinvents itself, playing in an increasingly competitive and demanding market.