Founded in 2011 by Elena Albricci, architect, and Claudio Fiumicelli, designer, both from the Politecnico di Milano.
In this reality converge their professional experiences gained in similar but distinct areas: Elena combines the profession of architect with that of researcher and archive manager at the Franco Albini Foundation, Claudio collaborates with established design studios and at the same time expands his professional interests to the fields of graphics and web design. The design studio, based in Milan, is therefore characterized by skills ranging from interior design to digital communication. The distinctive feature of the studio’s projects is the constant search for a balance between form, functionality and narrative, drawing inspiration from the tradition of Italian design.
We love essential objects, aesthetically resolved and that can enter into dialogue in the most diverse environments. They must therefore have personalities but they must never be over the top. In short, they must resemble us a little, even "characteristically"».