Cayo Exclusive Resort & Spa - Greece


Cayo Exclusive Resort & Spa is a new, modern, ecological and luxurious resort, born from the passionate love for the art of travel. The striking architectural design of the accommodation takes advantage of the wide sunlight of Greece, which caresses the interiors of Cayo creating reflections of color and contrasts.
The designer Gian Paolo Venier chose his Venturi lamp, produced by Siru, for the lighting of the reception.
At the request of the designer, the Siru company has designed and manufactured the Bolla lamp in satin milk white finish, personalized in gold leaf. These creations were used for the lighting of the Emerald bar. The designer was surprised when Siru exceeded his design expectations by producing outdoor coffee tables. The Bolla lamp from the Siru Glass collection was also chosen for the restaurant, in the smoked version and installed in a group of 7 lamps. The hotel has won the 100% Hotel Design Awards 2020. Siru has been selected as one of the main partners providing original and customized lighting solutions that adorn this luxury hotel.